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July 25, 2009

I was super excited today when the ups dropped off a package I have been waiting on.  It contains Tim & Liz’s wedding album, and I am sure they are now not so patiently awaiting me to get it sent to them 😉  I love these albums, they are made from super high quality materials and it shows.  The leather is really soft, the bindings are really strong and make me feel confident this album will be around for a long time.   On to some pics and spreads!

All my albums come in their own protective and stylish bag!  No cardboard boxes are good enough for these albums!





Check out the thick (2mm) pages and layflat binding process with no cut down the middle..its one continous image!




And a few of my favorite spreads!












July 20, 2009

Thursday night I had the pleasure of shooting Rachel’s senior Pictures.  She will be a senior at Perry Meridian this fall, and is looking forward to the upcoming basketball season.  We shot a ton of images that night (4 hours worth) at many different locations.  We first started off at the canal downtown, then went to the circle and an alley also downtown, and finally headed to her school to shoot some basketball images in the gym. (thanks again coach for letting us in so late!)  After you look at the picture here be sure to go check out the slide show on the facebook page.



















Thanks again Rachel, I had a great time shooting your senior pics!

July 15, 2009

This past Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of shooting Jessica & Davids wedding in Plainfield.  I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of rain and thunder, and immediately became disappointed.  I have worked with brides before when it rains on the wedding day, and its not usually pleasant.  So the time came for me to arrive at the church to start some photography, rain or no rain.  Shortly after I arrived, Jessica arrived as happy as a clam.  She was totally cool with the rain, and it made me relax so much knowing that she was cool with the situation.  She actually came into the church wearing a poncho  that made a great image!

Check out all the images below then head over to my facebook fan page to see a slide show that has more images!


Thanks once again for letting me be a part of you special day! 















































July 10, 2009

after countless hours fighting with the Internet, I have officially created a blog on my own domain…no more free word press domain for me!  I hate the Internet and all its craziness…ftp that, php this. sql database whatever…I win…i did it, and it only took me about three different online tutorials to do it too…




July 05, 2009

Friday Night Kelsie and I got together to shoot her senior pictures.  We had planned on going to the IMA and Broadripple to shoot, and on the ride up there we decided to add Butler’s campus and Holkum gardens to the list.  That made for a fast pased evening full of photogrpahy.  Her images turned out great, see for yourself.  Thanks again Kelsie!