October 09, 2010

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Amanda and Joe at the IMA to shoot some engagement photos.  They brought along their dog Harley too, and let me tell you this little guy is great.  He was so well behaved  the entire time, and also made sure there were no squirrels around where we were shooting.  Make sure you check out all the pics to see how Harley was rewarded for being so good at the end of the session.   Amanda and Joe were very well behaved too..haha…I had a blast wandering around the IMA with them…we even found some areas I had never shot at, so that was a plus.  Anyway…enough talking….more photos.

Meet Joe, Amanda, and Harley

And here was Harley’s reward, a swim in the fountain!

I cant wait for their wedding in December of 2011, it should be a blast.  As always, head over to my facebook page to see a few more images from their session.  Perhaps you might even “like” it.