April 10, 2012

Last week I was on Spring Break from my teaching job at Avon High School, so I thought that would be a good time to play around with my camera a little and just shoot for myself some.  I really didn’t come up with anything exciting, but I figured I would share what I did come up with.  To make my shooting a little more fun I rented a 45mm tilt-shift lens from Camera Lens Rentals.  For all my photography friends that are reading this…they are great to rent from.  A tilt shift lens allows you to shift the plain of focus either vertically or horizontally depending on how you move the lens around.  These lens’ give a look that can not be achieved in any other way.  They are also manual focus, so there was a pretty steep learning curve in trying to get the images that I wanted in focus.  I really enjoyed shooting with the lens and will likely rent it again for a wedding.  There are several wedding photographers that I admire that use this lens, and I hope to be able to incorporate it into my work someday.  Anyway, here are a few images.  I took my lovely wife Ann out to McCloud Nature park one evening to hike around and shoot some images.  I made her model for me a few times to see what I could come up with.  I have also added a few landscape images,  I enjoy shooting landscape stuff, I just don’t normally get the chance to.


  • Pam Kyle

    Really interesting! LOVE the effects of the lens–your sample shots are great! Is this similar to a “lensbaby”?

    • Dustin

      Thanks! Yea a tilt shift lens is similar in effect to a lensbaby, but much more controlable and much better optics.