June 20, 2012

We can finally make a full post from Shannon & Dominic’s wedding festivities in two different parts of the world.  Back in early May a few members of the Allison and Toscano family ventured down to Playa del Carmen Mexico for the wedding.  Beach Bum did a fantastic job setting everything up for a hassle free travel package.  Shannon and Dominic were married on the beach at the beauiteful Playacar Palace Resort on May 5th.  After the wedding we all wandered down to the beach to cast sea shells into the ocean and then headed into one of the fantastic resturants at the resort for a big family dinner.  Fast forward to this past weekend where the reception was held in downtown Indianapolis at the Athaneum ball room at the Rathskeller.  Both families came out if full suport and we all had a great time suporting the new couple.  As always check out the slideshow below and then head on over to my facebook fan page to see even more images!